How do I know I am doing the right thing?

Recently, I have gotten back together with a boyfriend who I have been on and off with for almost three years. We have been through everything together, and I know I love him, but I am not sure if pursuing this relationship again is the right thing. I mean, he has always been honest with me and is an extremely wonderful guy; any girl would be lucky to have him and I am proud that I do! But, I feel torn in two separate directions. I feel like I am stuck between two men. I dated a guy before him for six months who I also cared a lot about, and I haven't gotten over him yet I feel like I should be because the guy is now a total jerk to me. I want to be completely dedicated to my current boyfriend, but it's so hard when I get these thoughts. So, what I am trying to say is...How do I know if I am really happy with my boyfriend when I have thoughts about other guys?


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  • Who do you want to be with, the jerk who will probably dump you in a few months after he has used you, or your boyfriend who you love and describe as a "wonderful guy". Please don't be one of those girls who chooses the jerk over the nice guy.


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