She's 19 i'm 17 how do I deal with THIS situation?

So I know two years isn't along time. Like 30 and 28 that's nothing right! BUT the problem we see the reason for nothing serious happening between us is cus of the stuff she can do and I can't. I work in a bar and she can drink in there obviously. I can't! She can go town and drink I can't! It's not the fact she can drink. It's the fact she'd be in town without me. It limits so many nights out. So what am I supposed to suggest. We are meeting up soon so I need something to say. she wishes I was older and I do to. Makes me angry. A) age ruins all of this. B) I don't think she will be single a year until I'm 18 cus she's beautiful. And yeah. It sucks. just rember the issue isn't with me being two years younger what we don't like is the differences of the age.

Help appreciated thanks


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  • I think you should just go with the flow, don't think too far ahead just be in the moment. When you like someone you like them, you can't help who you fall for.
    When making plans you just have to compromise and do something you both are able to enjoy equally. Watch a movie, go for dinner, coffee.. Etc

  • maybe you could just try and maintain a friendhsip with her for now and see if it turns into something more. you don't need to go out and drink to have a good time. find something else she's into that you guys can do together. going out and drinking isn't really what couples do anyway. its not very intimate at all.

    • Yeah yeah yeah I know that. And a friendship would be good but I always end Friend zoned anyway lol. I don't care about drinking out with her I care that she will be with out me for the night.

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