Should I date my best friend?

okay so me and my best friend have been best friend for years now... We have dated twice before and broke up because of stupid reasons. Now he has asked me twice again if I would go back out with him. I always say no because I'm not ready which is a lie I really am but its just that he not attractive but he is really sweet and will do ANYTHING for me. I do like him I think I just don't know what to do? we re always together and always hang out.. but he is leaving for college in a few days which is about three hours away..



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  • Aside from the best friend issue...

    I went into college my 1st year with a girlfriend still in high school. Long distance relationships are VERY DIFFICULT. If you don't think that you two are BOTH mature enough to handle it, then recommend being friends and if things work out in the future they were meant to be.

    However, stop lying to him and telling him that you're not ready. Also, if he's so sweet, has a great personality, and will do anything for you...isn't that what all girls want? It's not always about the outer appearance and physical attractiveness. It's what's on the inside that counts, right? If you care about someone let them know and don't lie to yourself about it!

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    • Its not that I'm not attrated to him its just I feel if I tell him now he might not go off to college and that's his dream so I don't if I should tell him or just let it go and wait and see what's happens in the future?

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    • Don't let it go and see what happens in the future. You'll be kicking yourself in the butt and regret that decision everyday...playing the should, coulda, would have game.

    • Thanks I just might do that!!!!!!!! :)

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  • did you tell him...and I know this comes a little late but I know you stressed that it is his personality and friendship that means so much to u...i would say yes if what you have for him is strong than yeah it will work out love only works as hard as the two people sharing it...if yall would do anything for each other then things will work...but don't let love pass you bye...u don't know what you might miss


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  • I would say give it a pass, your attraction is not strong enough for an automatic yes, and your confused about dating him, how do you think it'll be once he's in college? It's only going to be harder long distance. It doesn't matter that he will do anything for you, because relationships take two people who are equal and give and take equally, would you be willing to do anything for him? Just because someone is availble and likes you doesn't mean you should date them. The only time I would say 'Yes" to this situation was if he was saying, because looks can be overlooked if you give them a chance sometimes and their personality is great but otherwise with him away, you aren't going to be able to get over the problems you already have with him. Give this one a miss. Maybe in the future you can date again when you are closer together but definitely not now. Hope this helps!

  • looks don't matter. if your looking for love, don't expect to get the hottest guy in the world. if you think your in love looks wouldn't matter, its what is on the inside that matters the most. if his college is far from where you are living then it is going to be stressful because of the distance. but if you think your in love with him, just go for it. You can always wait. 'if you love something and you let it go, if it comes back it was meant to be yours. if it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be there' college is stressful as it is. maybe you both should wait until he is done with college. and then be together.

    Good Luck

    -Chelsey A-P

  • well. right now I am dating one of my best friends. its good to be like good friend I think before you date to know eachother. and since he is going to collage soon you kinda shouldnt get ur panties in a bunch ur not gunna see him often. and tht may be a problem in your relationship.

    • Really? you don't think it could work out?

    • Yeah. like I said I am currently dating one of my best friends. I know I am young but we tols each other tht we liked eachther for like two months ago and we have been dating since then and we are going strong.