Have I lost my chance?

I'm 19, male. I've been seeing this girl i met through mutual friends. I made out with her a couple months ago at a party, i asked her out 2 weeks ago. We really clicked and I've been on 3 dates with her so far, but i haven't made a move.

Since my ex left me i've been struggling to forge real connections with girls, we end up having sex on the first date and never talking again because we have nothing in common. I wanted to do something different with this girl whom i really like, i wanted to get to know her before we did anything sexual.

Yesterday we had a very fun date, at first we were at my place playing some songs (she plays the drums and i the guitar, we are both very skilled) then we went to the city to get something to eat and ended up at her place to smoke up a blunt. There was a lot of touching involved and she was very flirty, as hard as it was for me (pun intended) i didn't kiss her expecting to do so on the 4th date. At the end of the night i headed home at 3 am. I called her today, but she didn't answer, i tried messaging her on facebook as i forgot my sweat shirt at her place but She's been online the whole day and still no answer. I'm going to sleep soon and feel very bad thinking my "genious plan" didn't work. Did i do wrong by waiting for so long? What can i do?


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  • Dont beat yourself up. The fact that you dont want to rush into things is good and im sure she will later on appreciate it, it show that you respect her and you're not looking for just a fling but something more serious. I dont really know why she wouldn't respond to you, maybe she is also over analyzing why you haven't made your move and she might even be thinking that you aren't into her., try leaving a text saying "hey i had a great time with you today, hope to see you again soon" . that way she knows there's another date. She will respond soon, if you guys have a real good connection like you explained she will. :)


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