Is he losing interest?

I know my boyfriend and I aren't in the honeymoon faze anymore but lately he has been taking forever to reply to my texts. We only see each other on the weekends so during the week we only have texting to communicate and where it used to take him 30 minutes to reply now he takes 2 hours to reply. It drives me crazy because even when im busy i text back within 15 minutes. I feel like he doesn't want to talk.. or he's losing interest? what could it be?


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  • Maybe, maybe not, that's not much to go on. He may just be changing gears.

    I really hate texting, so while I might use it cause I have to if I'm pursuing a girl, I generally do not text for casual conversation. If I'm with someone I will revert back to my preferred texting habits, which is kind of treating texting like it is unimportant and I don't hold conversations there, where I swear my girlfriend wants to text constantly. My texting annoys her cause of some of what you say here and generally I don't respond with more than about five words tops. In this case it is not that I have lost interest, I'm just doing what I normally do.


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  • I think he might be losing interest.


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