Please help: Trying to be a good girlfriend but finding it difficult:/?

So me and my boyfriend are both 17, have been dating for 8 months and I love him very much and would never want to break up with him.

Right now he is going through quite a difficult time because he is not feeling well and his relative passed away. At the moment I am trying to make sure he is always fine and doing my best to make sure he is happy during the day. And we don't argue. But in the evening we always have a phone call to say goodnight but the past few evenings he has always found a small thing I did wrong and then we have a argument because I have made a mistake. Usually they are not big things and he is fine in the morning. Its just cause he isn't feeling well he gets annoyed a little bit more quickly. The thing is I always end up getting no rest and being really upset about our argument in the night time and then have no energy the next day to be super nice to him or even enough energy for things like studying because I got no rest.

I really don't know what to do and I wish he would appreciate how much I do for him rather than focusing on the bad. Also hopefully this won't last for long but even thinking about tomorrow I don't know how I will have enough energy for the day because we just had an argument now and I can't sleep.

Thank you for answers:) xx


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  • Tell him you're sick of his accusations and won't take it anymore. Just because he has problems which we all do doesn't give him the right to be an asshole


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  • He's taking his pain out on you because you are the closest to him. Best recourse is, don't fight back. If you feel it coming, wish him good night and hang up. The next day, explain why... that all the arguing over silly things is exhausting for you. Reassure him you love him and will be there for him, but make it clear his searching for reasons to fight is wearing you down. If he needs to talk, you will be there to listen.

    Don't take it personally, some people lash out in misdirected anger when grieving.

    • This is really helpful thank you:)

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  • Sounds like you like him more than he does you. You can not change that


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