I have a crush on my future stepbrother what do I do?

My mom and his dad started dating around 10 months ago he's 18 and I'm 16. We both love the same music and we have a lot in common. I swear he's the guy version of me. So him, his little brother (13), my mom, his dad, and I all went to an amusement park and he insisted on sitting by me on every ride, and we spent the whole day talking. At night when everything was lit up him and I got on a ride where it takes you up really high and spins slowly letting you get a great view. While we were up there I commented on how pretty the lights were and he said that it was really romantic and he kept looking at me all night and sitting really close to me. I really like him but I know we'll never be together and it kills me. What do I do?


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  • You fake being his sister until you become it.


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  • Watch you drive me crazy, in the movie the two main characters fall for each other and then at the end they find out so does the parents


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  • You have to move on!