He is in touch with and ex and I'm thinking about leaving because of that?

I really really like him and he makes me happy. I have been dating him and of course hoping it eventually would lead to a relationship which it seems as if he would like to as well but he was in touch with an ex before we met and still was while we were seeing each other. He dumped her once. I have no idea what their relationship is other than that they were flirting I found out, back then I got pissed but gave him another shot as I had been a little emotionally unavailable thinking it would get better and he did chase me but stayed in touch with her too. He has no clue that I know but she knew about is seeing each other and she got jealous, he said it was just a "friend". Now it's been five months total and I barley talk to him at all now which he slowly began to notice and keeps trying. He keeps trying to be with me? But then he likes some of her pictures? She gets jealous whenever we spend time and it affects him which I don't think it should, clearly he feels something for her yet he is with me? My friend said it's my fault because I don't care about him but I don't think it is true, I definitely would've gone all in if it wasn't for her and they've been in touch for a long time after the break up which makes me even more worried although it wasn't a serious relationship. I'm seriously thinking about breaking up whatever we have because of this. I told him I would get in touch with him like he wished but I have not and I suppose not planning to. I was thinking about disappear. I mean go be with her instead who you've wasted years on while having another girlfriend too, it's not the first time he does this.


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  • If you feel second to none, leave and be happy

    • What do you mean with second to none?

    • You feel like you are in competition

  • I don't blame you, I wouldn't be ok with this either

    • I'm having a hard time making up my mind though.

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