Why do girls say they are attracted to me, yet never want to go out or have anything to do with me?

I have this ongoing problem that I meet girls they get along great with me ADMIT that they are attracted to me but they would never be with me, what the hell sense does that make?


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  • I don't know. Maybe, they have boyfriends.


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  • I've had this exact same problem, I feel for you man it sucks big time. My best guess is they get to know you, pretend they like you, when really they are just buying time till soneone better looking comes knocking. I couid be wrong though.

    Dont give up though, there are pkenty if gems out there!

    • but every girl?

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    • no I meant that every girls has done this too me so I dont know

    • Keep trying. I used pof online dating and typically try go for the ones with less dating experience, their dont have an overinflated ego and actually respond and are serious about it all

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