Girls, Why do girls assume good looks = good personality?

They always naively assume that attractive men are good and unattractive men are bad. And when the attractive douchebag abuses them or doesn't treat them properly they blame themselves and convince themselves that he acts the way he does because "he loves me".
No I wouldn't but I wouldn't try to hurt that persons feelings or to belittle them unlike you shallow bitches who insult men you don't like and have your friends gang up on the guy. In fact you women half the audacity to laugh in a man's face and humiliate him.


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What Girls Said 2

  • That is wrong.

  • I don't bit to want to go out with a guy I need him to have both

    • Thats shallow.

    • So you would go out with a girl whose personality you liked but who you thought was ugly?

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