Who are the weird ones here?

Question for you guys and girls if you are in a serious committed relationship do you considet your partner family? Meaning do you consider them as your primary family in importance? I definitely do my boyfriend amd i are 28 and 24 and we have been together 4 years and we definitely consider each other family and as important as each others family. His parents think thats weird i dont know why its not like we been together only a few months or something its beem 4 years. I mean we make major life decisions for our future together thats family to me. I dont think not being married means you can't be family its not like a piece of paper magically makes you family. Its how serious and what you put into the relationship. He is a 28 year old grown man and his parents well more so his mom honestly believes that i shouldn't be as important as his " real family" he is like umm she is my girlfriend she is my real family. Family isn't just blood. There are people who have friends that are family ao certainly a so can be family. Like they honestly get mad that he puts me first. Are we the weird ones or are his parents?


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  • i agree with you~ my other half is just as much one of my own as the rest of my family.

    at my age, my friends are the family i choose for myself; then again, i come from a blended family and my relatives by marriage are no less my family than those related to me by blood, so why should the love of my life be any exception? then again, our generation is a lot more progressive than those before it.

    a lot of people from our parents' generation are against living together before marriage and refuse to consider our other halves as family until that piece of paper is signed. fortunately, there are some older folks who are progressive and have accepted modern social norms.

    take it from my 75 year-old grandfather, who said: "if you're still in love with him after this long, he's one of us".

  • Me and my partner have two children so yes we are family but even before that, when we were a serious and settled couple, we considered our family as our joint families, his side and my side and a couple of friends. It's a good thing and I think that considering someone as family isn't always about blood but showing about how much you care and value that person in your life and love them like you love a sibling or patent. Your guys mum seems to think that things aren't that serious with you two, which is fine, let her think, her son is a grown man who can make his own choices and he knows what's best even if hi mother thinks different. Nothing weird about this situation at all!


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