Does He Want to Meet or NAH?

If a guy agreed to meet up, let's say on Friday, and the day before Friday he doesn't send any text mentioning about the meet up. Does it mean he (actually) don't want to meet or what?

  • Yes, he still wants to meet and will shows up
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  • That means nothing. Some people don't need to confirm that they're meeting up and just do. If you need to, simply send him a text that you're confirming your meet up.

    I don't send confirmation texts. I only send a text if I'm NOT going to show.. lol

    • Me neither. I don't send confirmation texts. However, a couple months ago there was another guy who agreed to meet me but he didn't send any text even though HE COULDN'T MAKE IT, which pissed me off. Since then, I'm kinda afraid if other guys would do the same 'cause i don't to waste my time. It was so stupid :(

    • Now, I understand. You could send a text to ensure he hasn't forgotten, but if I personally show up and this dude forgot about a DATE, then it's over. If you completely forgot about something that we planned which you would think is important... lol... then I'm not important to you clearly.

    • thanks tho

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  • I dont think that means something, if you are not sure then you can just ask him if the plan is still on

    • Yeah that's what I'm thinking right now but he doesn't even reply yet to my first message that i sent this afternoon asking about how's he doing

    • I wouldn't worry so much, maybe he just didn't see and if he doesn't confirm or anything before the date you are supposed to meet, you can always call :)

  • He is a flake


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