He seems to like blondes?

I like a guy who is British-Pakistani. He is a muslim and his father has kept the Pakistani-muslim culture on his family (his Irish mother converted to Islam, they wear pakistani clothing etc). OK, so he said he has a type and prefers brunettes. His exes have been brunettes though the last relationship he had was with a blonde (though he cheated on her a dozen times).

At clubs and for hook ups, I ve seen he prefers white blondes. And none of the girls belong to his culture. all american/british/french whatever.

So I am thinking does he like blondes in general or he opts for them for fun? And would he marry a white blonde just like his dad?

I mean his dad found a docile woman who married into a poor pakistani family, converted to islam and accepted everything about his culture but these days, its rare to find such women (especially since he earns a a lot, and is super good looking)

So what do you think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'm not sure really as I am not Paskitani, nor am I a muslim. Don't listen to what a guy says, pay attention to what he does. So yeah I guess nowadays he likes blondes and that's fine. The Red flag you should be concerned about honey is that he cheated on his last girlfriend. Guys like that will cheat again.


What Girls Said 1

  • Blondes are said to be "easy" so thats why he probably goes after them, but uh, he doesn't sound like such a cool guy... why are you into him again? ?


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