How do I find a nice shy guy to date?

Ok, so I'm 16 and I've finally become
confident with myself and have started going out more.

I go to an all girls school so I only really have girl friends. Never really talked to many guys.

My question is where do I go to meet some nice shy guys and how do I approach them? The mall does not work for meeting guys because most of the time I just dont know how to go up to them. Honestly all the boys I meet outside in social settings are assholes or very full of themselves. And I know a shy guy would most likely be at home or in non social settings but then how am I supposed to date one? ( Also dont really care about looks that much as long as they're healthy and are taking care of their basic hygiene. Just want a guy with a good personality who's genuine.)

Currently, I go to this kickboxing dojo place but I just started going there two weeks ago and the guys seem very intimidating. Like really muscular and alpha male type. And it's almost always the alpha male types that are rude and obnoxious. But that's pretty much it for any extra activities I do. I'm willing to take up new interests if it means I can meet decent people

So what places would you suggest are ideal to meet some nice guys? And how do I approach you nice guys? Any help is appreciated. Thank you


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  • Computer lab, Church, Science Club, Online?


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  • You're too young for the site, but there is shypeopledating. com or something similar where people go to date to find shy mates.


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