I can concentrate on anything... Now what should I do?

1. There was this girl, who showed non-verbal signs that she liked me, for about 1 month, in my class.
2. Now, she talks to someone infront of me, maybe there is really some guy or she is trying to make me jealous.
3. Anyways, i got jealous, and I made the first move to break the ice, i said "excuse me..." and then we talked about 1-2 things.
4. She seemed really happy and she smiled at everything i said.
Now what should i do? is she really having some guy?
or was she trying to play hard to get and making me jealous?
Please help me


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  • I wouldn't trust those signs unless they're really obvious, such as her touching you constantly on the arm, giving you lots of hugs etc. Us humans have a bad habit of seeing things that aren't there. When we really want something we try to convince ourselves that every look they give us or every move they make is an indicator of them liking us back. It's usually not the case though.

    I'm thinking that you're totally over-analyzing this and that you're reading into stuff that aren't there. She was on the phone, how do you know it even was a guy that she was talking to? It could have been her mom or a friend or something. Stop being so dramatic and start talking to her more. Ask her out soon.

    You won't get anywhere if you keep asking yourself these pointless questions and if you keep making up excuses not to talk to her or make a move. All you're doing is wasting time, and in the end she might actually find someone else. But her being on the phone means nothing, it could have been anyone and who says it was to make you jealous? You're blowing things out of proportion.

    • She makes it a point that i see that she is talking to someone, and as soon as she sees that i have noticed her talking to someone,
      then she disconnects the phone, so obviously she is doing it to make me jealous

    • That might be a coincidence, like I said sometimes we only see what we want to see...

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  • The fact that you are already jealous and not even a thing at all with this girl needs to stop. It's just ridiculous. What you need to do is just go ask her if she wants to grab coffee or study some time. But don't ask it just state it, like "hey we should grab some coffee or study sometime" but only say that after some conversation first. If you say it out of the blue she will feel like you are taking her hostage. It's all really quite simple. Lose the jealousy.

    • Bro she asked a doubt from teacher, and teacher made fun of her and entire class started laughing at her,
      i was sitting behind her and i said "excuse me, never ask anything from him , ok? and then i smiled" she also smiled back, and then she said when we will do job, people will respond with even bad answers and i said "aahh" and i again smiled at her and she smiled back,
      this was all i talked to her,
      what do you think about this behaviours of her?

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    • Then make a fucking move! Just don't be so possessive.

    • K thnx... :)

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  • I think she was just trying to get your attention because she noticed you were ignoring her. Her reaction confirms that :) If you like her than I think you should just go for it and ask her out cause it seems like she's interested. Good luck!

  • Just ask her out, at least either way it'll clear up all the confusion

  • Hard to say. Why don't you try gathering more information from her friends?


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  • To be honest try not to figure out what a girl is feeling or doing. It's best to always assume she likes you until she tells you otherwise. Be up front with her and just ask her on a date. This shows confidence. If she refuses, you have your answer. Try not to over think things.

  • I am curious what "non-verbal" signs are you referring to. Sounds like she's just being nice and she's talking to everyone, not just you.

    • 1. making eye contact
      2. opening her body in front of me
      3. bumping into me
      4. roaming around me in the hallway
      5. always trying to be near me

    • I think when you're looking at those "signals" you are seeing what you want to see. Making eye contact is what people normally do in a conversation and there could be 1000 reasons why she's doing what she's doing. Anyway since you like her so much I think you should make a move. Perhaps ask her to go for lunch on campus?

  • You need to stop being jealous because you don't even know her yet but you are acting like the crazy creepy controlling abusive boyfriend that everyone advises people to run away from!

    • Bro, she is doing all this shit just to force me to make a move on her,
      she is trying to get my attention for the past 2 months, and when i did not give her attention,
      now she chose to adapt this way to make me feel that she is wanted by other guys as well , and she started dating other guys,
      and yeah,
      im sure she likes me, if there was an other guy in her life, why would she talk to me in such a nice way, why would she make it a point to always sit near me in the class?
      why would she look at me from the corner of her eye and her ears perk up when i speak to my friends,
      its all her game to force me to talk to her,
      coz if she had some other guy in her life, she wouldn't even give a hoot to me, she wouldn't even notice me , but her game is to get me to make a move on her and she is winning it... :(

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    • She is not that kinda girl that will want to have 5 guys in her at the same time,
      coz she is a high class girl, belongs to a super rich family, comes to classes in audi,
      she doesn't even talk to other guys in the class, she is not a kind of a girl who is attention whore...
      i can bet you that...,

    • I did not say anything about her having anyone inside her. She can be talking to any male friend she has.

      I think you should establish a sense of security and stop assuming that the only reason to talk to a member of the other sex is to bone them; you should get some friends. Of both sexes. Because gender in theory doesn't really matter when it comes to friendship.

  • Invite her out asap. Stop overanalyze things.
    When u act this way constantly, you're being neurotic about small matters!

  • You're over thinking this man. Just ask her! You can do it!


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