Guys, do you think he still likes me or not?

we dating for 3 years and the last year his behavior changed.
He become more distant from me, could easily cancel our meeting (he never did it before).
I didn't see he likes me as he did before.
Our meeting becomes more rare.
But he invited me sevaral times to go on vacation with him... Again, if he dont like me anymore, why he invited me to vacation.
I can't stand his coldness and i start to behave a little cold too, though, i still like him a lot.
And after that we become even more distant from each other.
We recently came backf from the vacation, it was a good and we had a good time together, but after we came back he wrote me only that he enjoyed my company and i wrote the same... and since that he was just silent. (its been already 3 days)
I like him very much... I dont know if he still likes me or not?
and what should i do?


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  • Sounds like it's over. His feelings have changed

    • if its over, why he would invite to vacation with him?

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    • A breakup doesn't automatically mean he doesn't like you. It just means you're not compatible. He didn't have anyone else to take. He also was giving you're relationship one last chance to see if he wanted to stay in it

    • Today he invited me to park during the day and we walked and then he didn't invite me to his place... (Which never hsppend before)
      I see it really close to yhe end, but why invite me then...
      Anyway, he is more than twice older than me... i just addicted to him a little too much, my fault, but i am kinda opening my eyes now...
      Whatever meant to be will always find a way, if he wants to go, i let him

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