How do I fix this stupid idea that's in his head?

I live in the same dorm as the guy I like & am kinds seeing/sleeping with.
He's also one of my close friends & in my group.
We've always hung out around people for hours on end because we are at our home & don't have the space apart but in the last few days he has started saying little things that are annoying me like "do it for me" or "you won't go outside because i just came in".
Its as if he is thinking i'm following him around and doing everything he says.
I've tried to distance myself a bit today & he has barely spoken to me but i don't know how to get the idea that i'm being clingy out of his head because that isn't my intention, its just because every aspect of our lives is so close together...


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  • tell him you are fed up of his sad little comments and he needs to get a grip.


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