How do you start convosation texts with you SO?

How do yous people start a text convosation with your girlfriend or boyfriend?
The typical:
How are you? What you up to? How have you been?

If you haven't seen them for a while but text everyday?

Do you change it up? Or stick to the same routine?


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  • Sometimes I throw in a really really simple riddle like:

    Hey babe, I got some chocolate that you can eat but you can't drink. I got some cream that you can pour but not into a cup. I got some Victoria's Secret that you...

    Basically he figures it out that I have some body chocolate to lick off him should the desire take his fancy.

    But we both have a really silly sense of humour though.


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  • Love you xxx

    Then usually ask how his day is going... we message everyday, all through the day and then see each other at home in the evenings.


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