I'm confused. Five years out of dating scene. Is he being flirty or friendly?

So I have been single for four years now and the last time I flirted was five years ago so I'm not sure about this.

Few weeks ago I met a guy (he is older than me for 17 years, divorced), he started to talk to me, I don't know how but he asked me if I knew how to swim. I told him that no. He said I should learn.

Few days later he asked me if I searched for classes and I told him I did but didn't find any classes.

Couple of days after that he asked me again but this time he added that he was a instructor and also lifeguard.

Yesterday I saw him and again he asked me but this time I went ahead and say "When the classes start?" He told me to set a day but I told him he was the boss (he has a busy schedule).

Is he being flirty or friendly?
Somebody else?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think he is treading the fine line between being friendly and flirty, while leaning a bit towards flirty!

    • Thank you! I'm confused.

    • Don't be confused! If you are attracted to him, just play along and see where it goes. If not, just excuse yourself by giving some reason.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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What Guys Said 1

  • It's all in if you believe guys and girls can be just friends or not. I personally don't

    • You think is not possible for people from different genders to be friends.

      That implies he is flirting?

    • If you believe the same thing I do

What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like a friendly conversation to me.

    • Yea.. I though the same.

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