Why is he doing this?

Ok so there's this guy in my class that I've liked for a while now we're both juniors in hs but we've never talked. But I've caught him looking at me a lot. He'll watch me as I walk pass his desk or he'll look back at me from his desk (kind of in a sneaky way) but when I catch him looking at me he doesn't look away until he wants to? Is there something wrong with me or what? I need opinoins from guys PLEASE. Do you do this? Is there a reason? Do you have a idea on why he's doing this?


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  • You need to ask this question on gag? reallyy? seriously?
    he LIKES u god dammit, he likes u a lot and wants to show u that he likes u enough to not break eye contact.
    if u like him , smile back at him or otherwise do nothing, he will get the hint

  • He probably is interested in you, but if you haven't had a coversation, then its hard to tell


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