At what point are you exclusive?

I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks now. We consider ourselves "talking" because we haven't actually known each other for that long but we do really like each other. Last night, we were joking around about making each other jealous and I asked him what would happen if I were to make out with someone else (note: he's the one who brought up making out with other people) and he got really serious and said, "I would breakup with you because we aren't supposed to do that," which I would be okay with if we were officially dating, but we're not there yet! We're still just talking and he acts like we're exclusive. Honestly, I don't have any plans to be with anyone else, it just bothers me that he's the one insisting on us "talking" but now he's making it synonymous with us being exclusive, which I thought that you weren't exclusive when you were just talking. Any thoughts would be helpful!!
  • Talking can be exclusive
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  • Talking is not exclusive
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  • You are not exclusive until you can call each other boy/girlfriend.
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  • You are exclusive when you DTR and say you are exclusive. These days you need to say it out loud or else some people find loopholes. It's a shame that that is how it is, but this world has been going downhill since twerking.


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  • Talking can be exclusive, so I picked "A", but in practice it's usually when you start calling each other "boyfriend" and "girlfriend".

  • I never considered anything exclusive until there is sex. After that I assume it unless the contrary is explicitly stated.

    • We slept together literally the day after we met. So even that counts?

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    • See, that's what I thought, that it wouldn't be exclusive until stated. But I think his views are similar to yours.

    • That's the way nearly all women are. You are unusual.

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