Are people (girls and guys) on dating sites are all catfishes?

I can t believe I just fell for it.. I got catfished by a girl from okcupid. All last week she wanted to do all this stuff with me but today she said she won t consider it as a date. She said she doesn t want to consider me for a relationship and just as friends. But she s on okcupid the same time she talks to me on facebook. Is it possible I m undateable? Its probably because we are supposed to meet tomorrow so she changes her mind with no explaination


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  • Maybe you are not using the right term there. "Catfishing" is when someone pretends they are somebody they are not. People can be flaky and have some after tought after they agree to meet, which could explain her change in attitude. If you are not feeling it; don't go. You don't owe her anything.

  • doesn't sound like catfishing dude. sounds like she is just making an excuse not to see you. perhaps her feelings changed, perhaps she met someone, perhaps she's just testing the waters... catfishing is more you being scammed into thinking you have an internet relationship with a person who isn't at all who they say they are.

    in short no not all online sites are full of catfishers. I'm sure there are some. but especially the more reputable sites (match, eharmony, jdate, etc) have people seeking legitimate relationships. some are still not but the larger % of people are


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