Dating someone without much in common. Does it work?

There's an old expression that opposites attract.

I'm just curious as to what the Girls ask Guys community thinks.

Would a relationship with someone that you don't have much in common with work? Like at all?



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  • In the short term, these relationships would work. but in the long term I HIGHLY doubt it but it depends to what extreme. In the short term, looks are the first thing that matters and if your interest and the other persons interest are COMPLETLY different than I don't see this working. It's like having FRIENDS who don't have similiar interests as yourself. at the same time, it is NOT ONLY interests that must be have to take things such as: views on life, future goals, friends, similiar backgrounds etc. that can bring people together. Let me give you an example: my parents DON'T listen to the same music, they DON'T like the same movies, one parent hates sports and the other doesn't etc. they differ in all those ways and one might say: they have NOTHING in common? but they DO they have similiar goals in life and expectations in a relationship. that's why it works! that was also the case with me and one of my ex's. him and I didn't like any of the same things but had similiar views on a relationship...he was also comforting to me and made me smile with his akwardness. that is why I liked him. I could teach him new things and he could teach me new things. so YES the relationship is possible if people don't have things in common but it depends on how extreme it is. For example, I once tried dating a guy with the SAME interests but his views of a relationship and life goals did not match what I was seeking for in a partner. it sadly ended. I also dated a guy with completly different interests as myself but the relationship was good because he was like a father figure to depends...but if they have NOTHING in common I doubt it will last long...



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  • it depends what you mean by "don't have much in common."

    do you mean they don't like the same movies, colors, cars, etc?

    that shouldn't make a difference because at the end of the day those things rarely ever matter.

    but if it's bigger things like plans after college, goals, etc it might be a problem.

    i am a very motivated person and my last girlfriend was not at all.

    it caused a divide between us.

    when we split she told me "i acted like a grownup when she was a still a child."

    • No it's not big stuff like plans after college ;]

      I mainly mean stuff like same hobbies/musics/etc.

      Because without common stuff like that, how do you make conversations? Got any ideas bud? anyone else can answer as well.

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