Should I tell her that I shifted my time work only to talk to her?

I talk to this girl on viber everyday. We usually say goodbyes at 10pm cause I do job online (programmer) and my work hour starts at 10pm. Today I requested my clients to shift my time from 10pm-12am to 3am-5am for a day, so that I could talk to her all night. So I texted her, first 30 minutes we talked great but suddenly she started getting slow, logs off every now and then, comes back 3-5 mins later, replies and then logs off again, basically she was ignoring me. I asked her what she's doing and she said she's watching tv, movies, etc, therefore meaning she was not bust but I do not have her full attention either. So after hearing this I said bye to her and logged off. It was around 9.30pm so I contacted my client and started working at my regular hours (10-12). My hours are done now. I will log into viber after a few minutes. I was thinking if I should tell her that I shifted my hours just to talk to her but she blew it away? Or should I just ignore it and not talk?
therefore meaning she was not busy*


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  • Are you sure she was not dozing and falling asleep at those not so magical hours here, dear?
    If Not, then maybe she is putting you on her pay no mind list, could be she too is talking to another. No matter the case, face her down and tell her what you tried to do so you could keep the convo open for better communication, and maybe, if all possible, come to some compromise that will meet these bewitching hours.
    Good luck. xx

  • Yes, you should tell her


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