Does he like me as more than a friend?

So there's this guy that I'm friends with and we talk and hang out and spend the day doing things together.. i told him i was going through some stuff with my boyfriend (now ex) and this is what he said to me

you need someone who is going to treat you like a queen
no exceptions
that's jus my opinion
you're a cool chick
i'm confused why you are even having an issue with dropping this fool
I know that there is more good out there than a guy who doesn't value commitment and such

A few months later I got a new boyfriend and he started asking a lot about him..

so tell me about the new boyfriend
he a good dude?
(I say yes)
I'm really glad to hear that, you shouldn't have to put up with bs..

Next conversation:

I'm visiting we should chill! Any cute single friends?

(I say maybe, ill keep an eye out for him)

Keep me posted I'm tryna get back in the dating game.. Speaking of, how's your relationship going?
(I tell him good, ask him if he met anyone in his new town)
I've met a few cool chicks but just no one that really sticks out

Am I reading into this too much or could he like me?


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  • I'm afraid nkt. You're a friend


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