How often do you text your boyfriend / girlfriend , when do you text mostly? morning, daytime or evening?

Ok i'm a bit confused with the whole texting, i try to cut back on it but it's hard. I just want her to know im thinking of her. She initiates a lot of our conversations and so do i. Sometimes she is rather quiet and sometimes, she starts texting a lot out of nowhere. things she wants to do with me, places she wants to go. So sometimes she is a bit quiet and sometimes she texts me, im missing you etc... im all yours. Bit confusing?

so how often do you text, and when during the day? I've noticed that how later it gets the lesser she starts writing to me.


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  • My guy and I text periodically all day long on and off between our schedules. I have morning classes during the week so he'll me about an hour before my classes start and we'll text for that hour back and forth about our plans for today, if we had breakfast, etc. He has some morning and some afternoon classes it depends on the day so he'll text me in between my classes and his. So today my classes ended at 11 and his started at 1 so we texted for the two hours in between. Then he works most evening from 4-9 but he can text at work so we'll text back and forth in the evening. Usually around 10-11ish we're both tired and one of us stops replying because we fell asleep.

    If she seems less talkative sometimes don't worry about it she's probably just out and about and has to be brief because she might be busy focusing on other stuff but doesn't want to completely ignore you because then you might really think something is up. So brief text messages probably just means she's trying to balance texting and something else at the same time. She is probably more talkative at other times because she has free time to really write full messages. In the evening when the messages start to come in slower she's might be settling in for the night, at work, getting ready to go out with friends or already with friends, or just doing things she needs to focus or be active for like assignments or chores.


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