My family tries to find a boyfriend for myself?

My mom asked my brother-in-law (sis' boyfriend) if he had a friend who will match with me. He said no my friends are not nice because my sister had a argument with one of his friends.
Some days ago he invited a guy to meet me, we all went to fun park, I barely talked to him.
Some years ago, my sister's ex boyfriend brought his best friend to date me, I never talked to him, I was very angry at them. And the guy ended up by loving me.
Somehow it confort me about How I look and my whole personality package, because no one would present a ugly girl to a good friend. BUT it always reminds me, I can't find a guy by myself.

How will you react if someone was trying to do an arrangement date between yourself and an unknown guy? (Poll)

What will you do about the date?
  • 1. You are really pissed off
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  • 2. You were pissed off until comes the guy and he's a perfect match
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  • 3. You go ahead and gives a try to the guy
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  • If you go on a date w/this guy, you really have nothing to lose. I would go just to check it out.


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