Is he teasing/flirting with me or winding me up?

Sorry I've posted this again as I want opinions as opposed to just votes.

I was talking to this guy I like the other night and he made a sexual remark in reference to something we'd spoken about on our second date and when I said he was being cheeky, he asked what I was thinking. I told him but said I thought he was winding me up and he said he thought I had the gist. I asked why and he said aww and that he didn't know. I said he liked messing with me and he said he was sorry and put a confused face. I said "you're confused, I'm confused" and he said that made two of us. We've been on a couple of dates but we're friends at the moment. I don't know whether he's just winding me up and leading me on or if he is trying to flirt again. I like him and think he knows but I've tried to suppress my feelings recently as I just don't know how he feels. He was really keen but backed off after the second date. He said he doesn't know what he wants and doesn't want to mislead me so he's always second guessing as I've been a bit upset a long the way. I've tried to give him a bit of space as he's been a bit cold and distant. He doesn't initiate conversation but he rarely did anyway and he always replies and quickly too. He did message me first the other day and ask how I was as I hadn't messaged him and was thinking about just moving on. He said a few times in the past that he's confused or doesn't know why he does and says things. He seems to be holding back. I'd be happy to tell him how I felt if it made him more comfortable in talking, but I'd like to have some idea he felt the same way first! He's done a few things that make me think he might feel the same way, but it could also be that he's trying to push me away or keep me in the friend zone/mislead me as they're not obvious enough. We are supposed to be meeting up and he kind of initiated this as he assumed that we would, it wasn't me who asked and he also brought it up first when he spoke recently so he seems to want to see me again (albeit not a date). Appreciate your advice.


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  • How old is this man?

    • I need to know so I can properly form my opinion.

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    • Younger men tend to fuck around. @asker

    • He put the breaks on when the subject of sleeping together came up. I think he still wants to but he's reluctant. Is it possible he just isn't sure what he wants now so doesn't want to mislead me or hurt me? I mean, why would he contact me and want to meet up if he wasn't planning on sleeping with me? Unless he just wants to be friends but we were never friends in the first place.

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