It COULD be a fairytale ending.....?

I posted a similar question a couple of days ago. I am a woman in my 40's and quite attractive and don't look at all my age. Besides the point, I met a man online and we agreed to meet. There was enormous chemistry between us, and our good night kiss was spectacular. He did call and text me the next day, and we subsequently went on four more dates within the next 10 days. He has conveyed to me that he is attracted to me, really likes me, has feelings for me and will "be there" for me. He is also a man in his 40's as well, as has been divorced over 18 months. He went so far as to hide his profile on the site on which we met (told me he was doing it), and told another woman that he was seeing casually that he was no longer interested in her, but in seeing only me. He has not communicated with me in five days. Am I being paranoid? Should I call or let it ride? What could possibly be causing him to be so cold all of a sudden?


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  • Something might have come up like a family issue, an impromptu trip for business or is just busy. I wouldn't fret just yet or overanalyze things. I think you might want to pick up the phone and just give him a call to say "hi." There's nothing wrong with reaching out to him. I am sure when you both touch base that there will be a valid explanation.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks for your response. I AM over analyzing things, and all the advice I've been given is "don't ever, ever call'!! This is because I will be portrayed as being possibly needy or clingy. This is NOT the case...I am "older" bydating standards and I am certainly not into playing stupid games. I just would like to know why, and I know that I deserve that. I don't want come across as desperate, because I am not. I simply loved his company, and he conveyed that he really liked mine as well.

    • With all due respect, there is a BIG difference between reaching out to someone to check in as opposed to CONSTANTLY calling and texting. It has been 5 days since your last contact so I think it's safe in this instance. However, you have to do what you feel comfortable with. I think this will end your anxiety.

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  • Just call him. If he is your boyfriend then it does not hurt to call. People in their 40's should have given up on playing games and following so-called "dating rules" a long time ago.

    • We never got to the point where we called each other that. I think it was rather unsaid on both our parts. I just miss him company, and damn it, I think he is missing out on what could be one of the best things that ever happened to him!! I'm just perplexed is all. What could possibly be keeping him from me if I am, as he professes, his "soul mate".

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