Is it a turn off if your boyfriend has a best friend with a wild personality of the opposite gender?

I have a close friend for almost 9 years who has been there for me during some rocky times and relationships and I've done the same for her.

We always can hang out and have fun regardless, we always have each others back and a platonic relationship. She is kind of a wild card in terms she "gets around" a lot with both men and women and does some drugs (weed, ecstasy). We both don't find each other attractive, we're almost close family hence I call her sis most of the time.

I've never judged or pretty much cared for the most part, It doesn't bother me besides I don't the same thing. However I feel like my past ex's and current girlfriend was uncomfortable about it but never said anything out of respect.

How would you feel?
  • It would bother me and I'd say something to him.
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  • It would bother me but I would keep it to myself.
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  • I wouldn't care.
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  • I wouldn't even stay with them.
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  • To be honest, no. This is where trust comes into the relationship. Yes, it's true guys and girls can be friends with no strings attached. I personally think that it's quite healthy to have best friends in the opposite gender as well as having a girlfriend or boyfriend. There's no need to get jealous, you just need to be mature and understanding. That's why it's called love


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  • If my boyfriend is having a blast with a girl who seems fun and energetic and outgoing yeah, I'd be a little sad, but I wouldn't say anything out of respect

    • I always hang out with my girlfriend more than anyone else and I don't dread it or anything, I have tons of fun. Your boyfriend will be the same

    • Imagine seeing your girlfriend hanging out with some handsome funny outgoing guy and she's super close with him? There she is laughing and having a good time and then she comes back to you to sit?
      We know it's not a romantic thing and hat you live us bluh but it's still bothersome to see your SO having so much fun hanging out with someone who is so much more fun than you are

    • Aww , when you put it like that, I understand. I wouldn't mind but I do understand how she might feel.

  • He's obviously already got a woman in his life. What's he need me for? I'm out.

    • How so?

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    • I understand how you feel but don't feel like you have to compete, guys will always go to their girlfriends before anyone else (unless its about the girlfriend ).

      My girlfriend knows that because I tell her more things than I even share with my family.

    • Eh... that's not how girls think. It's too much work.

  • It would definitely bother me. Because it's a female and if my guy was hanging with another female I wouldn't like that shit. Just like if I was hanging with another male you wouldn't like that shit.

    • Men and women are capable of being strictly. friends

    • Yeahh but ya know thing can happen.

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