Is there such a thing as being too goal/successful orientated (ie involving relationships)?

Ok so I have noticed lately that for most of my life I never really strived to have a long and meaningful relationship with a woman, my problem is that I am very goal and success driven individual and don't allow myself for social activities. (partly because I feel social activites are hard for me to be active in them) Social activities seem like a waste of time, so instead I would much rather be working or whatever. So now I am getting older and I do want a family, but I really just don't have much time for a girlfriend or even social activities, I'm not sure how I can incorporate social activities into my life while still having a work life. I really just don't have much time for it at all. I always seem to push relationships to the side, or I push to hard to have a relationship and girls don't like that. So I don't know what I can do differently, girls and guys what suggestions do you have so that I can meet good quality women, at the most efficient way. by the way don't say online dating, that doesn't seem to work really well for me at all, and actually I feel like it is a waste of time from a guy's point of view, I could spend an hour emailing chics and they would NEVER respond, so in turn I see this as a waste time, so I just don't do it anymore.

I just don't make much time for dating or for social activities, social events seem to not be my forte, so I tend to shy away from those, especially when I think of things I could be doing instead of being at a social event.


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  • Socializing is vital part of getting a partner. When you expand your social circles, you'll meet more women and gather friends along the way. Don't say it's not your forte, you're a guy, you need male friends. You need them like you need a woman. And if you can't enjoy socialization with others, something is wrong in how you go about it.

    This is the healthiest and fastest way to get to a good woman. Social circles allow for easier and faster partner assessment and selection.

    Your second option is to approach women out of the blue and charm them. That pick-up bullshit.
    But this is a real skill that takes too much effort to master, and you really don't need it when you can go the easier (and healthier) route of expanding your social circles, and getting girls at the same time.


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