Girls, I'm terrified of falling for her again, I wish I could be her friend, but im just so terrified, how do I protect myself?

The truth is I fell for her harder then I ever had before. And she claimed to like me and that I was the only one who calmed her when the drugs hurt her... Then before our date she chose to go back to her physically and verbally abusive ex and cut me off entirely...
Didn't even tell me why.
Almost a year went by since then, I've completely turned my life around... Having gone from a law abided to having tried several drugs and losing over a hundred pounds... I did it initially because I wanted to be better for her... Then to cope then to break free from her...
I was a mess.
then all of a sudden she comes back in my life... She tells me how when she was abused the screen shot she took of one of our talks was what pulled her through it all, and how she had been rehabbed and she kept on apologizing...
obviously i I told her not to worry about it, that what's done is done... Then we kept talking... And she kept talking about her feeling towards me.
I mean I don't do the drugs anymore and I was comfortable with her gone now... And im just scared beyond belief that I'll fall for her again and End up more hurt then ever before.
And honestly I'm talking to someone else now... It's not a relationship just yet but... I do feel something can come of it, if we can cross the last of the walls we've put up. And I am legitimately into this new girl, to the point where I've mentioned her to the girl from before and said how I care for her...
I don't know... I'm just scared of that gal ever having the power she used to have over my life before, though I tell my self I've matured and learned since then.


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  • Don't let her back in your life.. Protect yourself and stay away


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