Is he not interested anymore?

I have been seeing this guy for a few months.
The other week he said he liked me but seemed to get distant after that.
We sleep with each other everynight and are in the same friend group but he stopped messaging.
We are not exclusive & i know last night he was messaging another girl (our friend) but when he knew i knew then he started messaging me too...
Then his ex went crazy and started accusing him of cheating all through the relationship (which he didn't), this really got to him.
I was crying in bed last night about his ex accusing me of stuff & about this other girl & he cuddled me. Not long later he pushed me off & wouldn't let me touch him for the rest of the night. He left early this morning.
I sent him a message saying that I know he is going through a tough time but he never replied. I don't know if I did something or he's not interested anymore. I don't know what he wants or how to ask him...


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  • This is WAY too much drama. Do you enjoy this?


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  • It's more of a friends with benefits and it seem like he had not strings attached unfortunately he didn't seem loyal to his ex at the time. sorry


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  • he probably lost interest.


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