Girls, why would you eagerly text BACK if you never texted FIRST?

I'm having a terrible time reading this girl (not that I can read ANY girl to be honest) that goes to college with me.
She's a girl from my college that I met at the one and only class we shared, and we hit it off from the moment we met. Now we see each other about twice a week, which is always an enjoyable time for the two of us, especially if we're alone, and we text also about twice a week.
Now, the thing is that I'm always the one who texts first, after which she replies enthusiastically and quickly and we have long talks in which we talk about pretty much anything. Since we're both busy during the day it's best to text at night, so our talks usually finish when one of us goes to bed (which means they last ~3/4 hours). From time to time she asks me how I'm coming with my studies (she's a very diligent girl) and some other thing, but it's mainly me who has to keep the convo going.
Summing it up, on one side of my scale I have these "we get along really well" and "she replies eagerly to my texts" cotton boxes, and on the other side I have the "she never texts me first" piano.

Any advice/suggestion/comment about what's going on here (maybe what's going on in her head) and maybe what should I do about it will be great!

Thank you!


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  • She likes that you text first, it tells her that you are interested in her. Many girls like to be pursued, it makes them feel good. I feel like I am being over eager if I text first, maybe she is the same?


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