Does my friend like me?

My guy friend and I talk to each other every other day, we hang out a lot (two to four times a week), and we're always comfortable around each other. His family loves me, my family loves his. He knew at one point that I liked him but it went away when I felt he was treating me more of a buddy than a potential crush/girlfriend but I'm just curious if he likes me since he stares at me with dreamy eyes, smiles a lot, hugs me, respects me, compliments me, really listens to me, and always takes me out in his car... sheesh, the list goes on.

How do I know if this guy likes me? I'm confused because sometimes he acts like he doesn't like me that way but most of the time, he does. I'd hate to talk to him about it, it'll make the friendship awkward. I just wanna know your thoughts. :)


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  • I think he does like you. He's almost treating you as a girlfriend


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