How come all the girls I date all seem very boring and have nothing going for them?

I don't know if it's something i'm doing wrong, but a lot of girls i've been on dates with don't seem to have much as far as hobbies and that sort of thing, so I find myself talking about myself a bunch to keep the date conversation going. I try asking things about them, but usually they don't give me much to go off of. If they would start talking about something they were passionate about, I don't even care if it's makeup I could probably dream up enough questions to learn more about her. What do you guys think? In the future I will try harder to come up with better questions to ask them on my own and see if that works better.
Well I meet them online, so that's probably the main problem. I can never find girls in real life.


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  • All the girls you date are boring and have nothing going for them, eh? What's the common denominator there?


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  • The girls who you date are the ones who you asked out, right? The ones who you saw and thought it might be nice to go our with her. Maybe you're screwing up something in the selection process.


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  • You're picking them to take out because... why? Maybe you're asking the wrong questions.


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