Was I too harsh?

My fiance and i have been together 6 years now. He has been really sick with the flu. Well his mom has always treated me poorly by making passive aggressive comments to me and accusing me of using my fiance for rides and just being rude to me whether to my face or behind my back to my fiance. Well once she found out he was sick she came over to take care of him. Mind you i already have been doing a great job taking care of him and she knows that my fiance told her. And she came over anyway which i kinda felt like she was stepping onto my territory like implying i can't take care of my own fiance. At least three times she gave me suggestions on other ways i can take care of him better ways she was inplying. Finally i had enough and felt like i couldnt let myself be walked all over and i had to put my foot down and i said i think i know my own fiance well enough to know what he needs. She was like well i gave birth to him so i know him better. Seriously i am engaged to the man at this point im pretty sure i know how to take care of him. I was thinking the last sentence in my head. Was i too harsh? Keep in mind this is after dealing with tons of her bullshit for years i finally snapped.


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  • No. Your house, your rules. It works both ways. I say that, and I'm a father.

    • Yup i agree. Even if we didn't live together i think itnis more my place to take care of him at this point in our relationship

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  • Well it all depends on how you look at it. Her being his mother, she would feel and would kinda be entitled to look out for his well being and women, since you're one, are often stubborn like mules in drying tar, so some would say that you were being rude by saying such things to a proud mother like her.


    Since you sound like a proud woman yourself, I'm on your side when I say that the bullshit had to stop. Honestly some women need to let go of their sons. I get that they love them and such but if you have been with him for so long and intend to marry him, then that should be a sign that you are capable enough to be GOOD ENOUGH. I applaud you though sweetheart. My patience only goes so far. You did the right thing. When you let people walk over you, they take the offered inch and go seven miles. She has to learn to let go and hand over the reigns to the woman her son loves.

    • Yeah i agree. It didn't even make any sense for her to come over my fiance already made it clear to her that i was taking care of him just fine. It doesn't take two people. He is a grown man he doesn't need mommy to take care of him.

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  • Umm no. That wasn't harsh at all. You must be super nice because that wasn't even a snap. My sister has said way harsher things. She's 9. You're fine.


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