What is my boyfriend hiding from me?

Me and my boyfriend just started dating a week ago and me and him met on gag but he got a new gag account and so me and him were talk and he had to go and I posed a question that I didn't show who posted it and he commented on his old profile and when I went to message him he blocked me and he told me he had to make this new username because he switched computers with someone and one his new account he commented on a girls booband she was just wearing a bra and I asked him about it and he told me he didn't it was someone else but now I don't know what to believe And he know I've been cheated ion and used and when we started dating he told me he wouldn't talk to any other girls.

What should I do?


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  • Ask him to give you the specific information about who he switched computers with, and why, so you can verify his story. People don't switch computers and, even if they did, all he needed to do was change his password. This sounds like a totally bogus story.


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  • Are y'all dating exclusively through GAG, or do you see him in real life too?


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