Do you think she likes me? Ignoring me?

I kind of like this girl. We met twice originally and I saw her out with her friends at a bar and our group talked with them quickly. About 3 days later, she sent me a friend request on Facebook. A few days after that, I was at a club fair at school and she twice gave me a playful punch to get my attention when my back was turned. She also signed up for the 2 clubs I was representing at tables, and she doesn't seem like the type to join those clubs.

Anyway, my friends and I met up with her and her friends this past weekend. We talked a little bit, she had me get into some group pics and we danced briefly. Since I dont have her #, I messaged her on Facebook saying I had a great time. She replied and we sent a few messages back and forth.

That was three days ago, so I messaged her again and asked if she was going to come to a club meeting. That was 4 hours ago. She hasn't opened the message but I can see she has been on Facebook a few times. Is this a bad sign? Is she ignoring me do you think?

And what do you make of the other things I mentioned? It seemed to me like she was kind of flirty and my friend think she has some interest in me.
Good news... She messaged back! I asked her to come to a meeting for the club I run at school and she did! And it is a club I don't think she would have come to unless I asked, especially because she lives off campus.


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  • It sounds like she probably likes you, she might be unshore if she can make it to the meeting so hasn't replied

  • she has some interest.


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