Guys, Do white guys who date black women prefer black women with straightened/relaxed hair or au natural?

Im a black woman for the past month I've been experimenting with natural styles. It's been a weird adjustment, as I'm used to wearing my hair straight (no perm since teen years). My hair has been in a weave for past 4yrs to grow it back out after experiencing severe breakage from adjusting to desert life aka AZ living (dry, harsh water, beating sun) so I'm working to get my curl pattern back 100%. My hair is now back to bra strap length when straightened. I know hair length has a play on this topic too, lol.

I've been getting compliments from guy friends that are white and Latino but not from any "brothas." I've been getting stares and heads turning but being new to this look not sure what the thoughts are behind those looks and stares. I'm interested in white guys, Italian guys, and Latino guys. Does my look (au natural hairstyle, and my mahogany skin tone) appeal to them?


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  • i like red hair like those actually on black gals...

    ^although her hair don't look natural here truth's... there's a rumor dat there's a high chance a black gal could damage her hair if she straightens 'em out... true or...


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