Guys, Do white and Latino guys who date black women have a skin tone preference (i. e. Light skin, brown skin, mahogany skin, or dark skin)?

The beauty of the black race comes within our varying skin tones. So I understand preferences.

In high school I was constantly approached by white guys. I got teased about this a lot by friends and family whom called me "the white-boy magnet." I've always been open to dating outside my race. As an adult at age 31, now living in Arizona I'm not sought after by black men here, not that I care as I'm more serious now than before about dating outside my race. Just trying to see where my mahogany skin sometimes hair is straightened, in a weave, or as of recent rocking an au natural style fit in.


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  • I can't speak for anyone else but yeah I kind of do I tend to like lighter browned women but there are some exceptions.

  • Yes I am white (although I dont date black women) and I have a skin tone preference, that tone is white (which includes European white, Arab white, or East Asian white), dark skin just doesn't look good.

    • Weird as this question said "do white and Latino guys WHO date black women have a skin tone preference?" So, with that said this question was NOT meant for you being that you don't date black women.

      Dark skin is beautiful!

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