Can a relationship move too fast if you are both on the same page?

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We met online (tinder) weird I know... anyway. We met. Hit it off. We started texted, we really hit it off. After about a week of talking on the phone (texting, calls, facetime) we finally met eachother. It wasn't exactly a date as we didn't have much time. We went to a mall and sat in my car and talked and kissed... mainly kissed. Before hand we had texted and talked on the phone how much we both were so into one another. She was hinting at me wanting to say something. I took a risk and said "I love you" she smiled and said "I love you too babe".

From then on we have hungout a few times, sex a couple times. Met her mother, brother. We are gf/bf. We have talked about marraige, kids, our future.. living together after im done with school (end of this year). She wants it all and so do I.

We have both been in serious relationships before (Her: 6 years. Me: 2 years)
We are both on the same page of "Our Book" we call it lol.

Just curious if its possible to go to fast in a relationship if we are both moving at the same speed. We both want to get married and start a family together.



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  • It can take up to 2 years for your s/o to show their true colors... in my experience, I never find out a relationship isn't going to work until about 8 months in, that's when they slowly start to reveal themselves... not that it's intentional, it's built into our DNA to try to impress the opposite sex. But it's what comes after the "first impressions" that makes or breaks a relationship. So in other words- WAY too fast

  • Thats too fast. You haven't got to know the "real" her yet. You gotta wait at least a year to make a big decision like marriage or even to proposing. My friend got married only 3 montha after she dated this guy, it has been 9 months into their marriage now, she was stunned on how different he is from when they were dating. He turned out to have no money so she had to support them, got a baby on the way, he cheated at least a dozen times with different girls, told everyone that he owns every property my friends owned.

    I think you have to wait.


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