Has this girl gained interest?

hey guys and girls I need some opinion on this girl I met a few months ago. We met at a outing with mutual friends and hit it off quite well, got her number and Facebook that night. After that I started asking her to hang out and we did 5 or 6 times before I asked her if she was interested in dating me, because I was interested in dating her. So she turned me down with a few vague excuses and I decided to move on. Anyway we lost contact for about 3 months and suddenly out of the blue she txts me yesterday asking me how I am. Being curious I asked her out to dinner and she agreed. So I am now wondering if she regrets turning me down? or is she just trying to be friends?


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  • Probably she is just trying to be frieds. Unless you changed significantly in some way, don't get your hopes up. People usually can't help who they are attarcted to, and once you are rejected, that's it with that person.

    Of course, there are exceptions but these are not really worth considering.

  • You'll know she isn't only interested in just being friends, if you decide to kiss her when the moment is right, and she doesn't hold back.


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