Stop him pulling away & bring him closer again?

Lately i've been really insecure to the guy i'm seeing.
I have been saying things that seem like i'm really worried about him leaving, or jealous of other girls & i think it is pushing him away!
How do I stop myself & make sure he doesn't pull away before it is too late!


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  • I don't know why but I get feelings that you two have talked about it and I really hope the pushing him away phrase is n't his words. because to tell you the truth jealous and worry in limits is very healthy in a relationship so the question is are you really out of those limits to the point of pushing him away? what do you think?

    • He hasn't he's just become distant & i don't feel like we are at the point in our relationship to be talking about serious stuff. I just want fun & laughs & i'm afraid that my insecurities are clouding the good times that we have together

    • Just don't let those insecurities control you.. I mean try to get busy with your life get your mind of them but don't lose then either cauze as I told you they are healthy

  • If he's immediately pushed away by that, then he is not a guy you can hold anyway. Stop fooling yourself ;)


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