When to make it Facebook official?

How long of seeing someone before its acceptable to put it on Facebook?
  • 1-2 weeks
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  • 2-4 weeks
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  • 1 month
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  • 2 months
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  • 3 months
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  • 3 months+
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  • Lol soo ummm you can cheat on someone and it will be okay because you weren't together on facebook


Most Helpful Girl

  • Best? Never.
    If you feel the need to make your relationship facebook official, there is something disturbingly superficial about your relationship. Despite what your girlfriends are telling you, most of your so called friends don't want to be slammed in face with the fact that you're in the relationship and they are not.
    Try to think about the benefits of changing your relationship status on facebook. If you're just trying to brag to you facebook "friends" about it, please don't.

    • Facebook is supposed to be a place to network with people and part of that is seeing peoples' details. You might as well do it.

    • @DarkHumorRUs
      I have nothing against sharing information. So you're telling me that you would be ok with texting every single person in your friend list that you are in a relationship with someone. While I understand that it may be important information for your closest family and friends, I cannot see how could anyone else benefit from that information. The reason people like to post that they are dating someone is that they feel like they acomplished something. They want to make their friends jealous.

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  • no matter how long I'm with someone, I'm probably not even going to have a relationship status on Facebook. [if that's possible- i wouldn't know]

    dont need people knowing about where my love life is at.

    • It says single, but you can make your status private, and people would have to go look for the status manually unless you change it to "Married" or "In a relationship".

  • Whenever you want. I guess 3+ months would be good. I don't care much for the FB official thing. I mean, I might put it up there, but it's not a priority to me.

  • I don't care about Facebook relationship status or making it "Facebook official". I think that is very childish.


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