Why did my girlfriend lie to me? What should I do?

My girlfriend and I were hanging out last night and I decided I needed to go home and get to bed. So I walked her to her car, we said our goodbyes, and i told her to text me when she got home.

As we left (I pulled out onto the main road first) I noticed she didn't pull out behind me for quite a while, and when she did, she went the opposite way of me even though in order to get home we wouldve went the same way. I assumed she was just going in the direction of most of the drive-thru places in town just to grab a snack or something on the way home, no big deal.

Once i got home i let her know and asked if she went to get a snack just teasingly knowing she went in that direction. Once she texted me though (much delayed because she didn't go the normal way home) she just ignored that i said anything. So i asked her where she went after we left because she wasn't behind me and she said, no where and that she was just sitting for a minute on her phone. Which is completely untrue, I saw her leave in the opposite direction of home.

Im not trying to be controlling or anything like that and she probably did just go to a drive-thru, but why lie about it to me? If she did go to a drive-thru all I would probably do is ask her why she didn't tell me she was hungry. Something just didn't seem right and she was very short with me the rest of the night.

I want to talk to her about it, but what should i say? I dont want to seem like i have to know everything she does or anything like that. It just bothers me that she straight up lied to me, and probably about something silly like going to a drive-thru for a snack.


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  • Sounds skeptical like my girlfriend... i hate that shīt. A lie is a lie and once they can get away with one lie they will test you for more lies ahead. I caught my girl with so many lies its ridiculous. I couldn't handle it anymore. She would lie and cut me down when I'd ask, like omg you're so insecure blah blah when really i was right the whole time


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