Girls, what makes guys attractive?

Hi Guys, I am curious to know what makes girls attracted to guys? What do you physically look at? Does personality count?


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  • I'll be blunt... Yes the first thing is physical appearance... but personality matters if you want it to last.
    If the girl is someone you see or talk to often in that case you can definitively charm her with your personality, a good sense of humor, chivalry and just affection :)

  • Physically: It's all about his face for me mostly; big, kind eyes, prominent cheekbones; also long-ish hair (I like fringes on guys) ; and I'm into skinny guys. Oh, and I like if he's taller than me (I'm 5'4) but other than that I don't really care about height. Hands can be pretty too

    Personality wise: Kind, eloquent, witty, either an introvert or an ambivert, nerdy in some way I like because I am too, imaginative, sincerity, trusts me and will show vulnerability


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