Why do I have to intiate contact now?

Can someone perhaps guide me here? I don't know why it seems as if I'm in charge of everything, being the one who has to initiate contact. Normally he does it and he has for the past months of dating. I understand that it should be 50/50 and it has been one sided for him, he has told me that a couple of times and now he wants me to start taking the first step. He doesn't make plans he just tells me to reach out for him since we don't see each other unless he do. It took a lot of courage from me to ask if he wanted to see me after he simply said he wanted to hear from me and he wanted to. Normally he's aggressive about seeing me or goes straight to the point but he seemed insecure? I haven't set a time or place, I haven't heard anything from him so far? I probably sound like a retard but what do I do? He makes me so nervous I don't know what we should do like maybe he only wants to see me late, like does he want to go outside during the day?


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