Long distance relationship issue. What's your opinion?

Any opinion is welcome. So I've been with this guy for nearly a year now and yes, it's a long distance relationship. I've always been rather supportive of him, but we're both rather temperamental. We usually talk through texting app since he's unwilling to give me his number and he does not have any social media. And no matter how busy I am, I'll always put him as my priority.
So the issue now is he simply has no time for me, and he does not even have the time to text me, telling me that he has errands to run. Then when he gets home, he'll reply me the next day that he fell asleep cos he's too tired. This went on for quite a few days, and before that he said he has finals and did not get back to me at all. Well, I get upset when he does this for some days, and I kind of showed it to him. Then today he said I'm constantly getting on his nerves and that don't wait till he's sick of me. So I decided to initiate a break and then he said whatever then break.
What are your thoughts on this relationship? Yay or nay?


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  • Nay all the way! You don't need this. If someone is not as into the relationship as the other person, this couple is doomed.
    You are not his priority, so why should he be yours?

    • Yea, I do agree with you :(
      Seems like there's no way I can be his priority since it's a long distance thing right?

    • Yes, you are right. It is hard to realise you are not your priority's priority, but you deserve better.

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