Having a great time but being hurt at the end or not having a great time and not being hurt?

i was dating a guy for a few months and he offered me to be exclusive
(for me the options are actually no relationship at all or an exclusive one because i can get super jealous and it would hurt me)
i reeeeeeeally like him the only problem is that i will go abroad for about 8 months in January so pretty soon.
at the moment i am somehow over him because a few days he told me he doesn't want an exclusive relationship so i tried to get over it
i know that when we continue dating i would fall in love even more, he would be "my first", we would have wonderful moments but i am afraid of January already. it will of course hurt more if we are together until i have to go than if we are not together at all
what would you do?
  • date until you go even if letting go will hurt
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  • don't date so you won't be super hurt in 4 months
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Mentally prepare yourself over the next 4 months by enjoying but staying a bit detached. All the while focusing on the new (better) experiences to come abroad.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He doesn't want to be exclusive, you do. Save yourself the trouble and don't date him. Someone better will come along.

    • he wants to be exclusive!

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    • first he said he is not ready for a relationship and then he was surprised why i really tried to cut him out of my life, we haven't seen us for 3 weeks now because we were abroad and he thought i met someone else
      when i clarified that it would just really hurt me if he dates other girls he called me a day later and said it was childish from him to want to date other girls and he likes me and would not date anyone else

    • You're confusing... in your original question you said that he at first wanted to be exclusive, but then didn't. Now you claim it's the other way around. I don't get it.

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What Guys Said 1

  • It's worth it. The hurt is only as strong as the happiness you gained from it. And with time you will remember the happiness but not the hurt


What Girls Said 2

  • you said it yourself, you want to be exclusive, he doesn't, deal-breaker. Move on to someone who shares your views :)

  • Can it work Long term?


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